He asked and you said YES!!!

You have the ring, you have picked the date, maybe you know where... 
You know you need photography, but what do you really want?

What do you want to end up with after your wedding?

Do you want to end up with a wonderful, fully customized album with your picture on the cover? 

Do you want every page to tell the story of a part of your special day? 

Do you want your album to come in a leather box?

 Do you want your parents to have copies of your album?
  Do you want 100 - 4 x 6 photos?
aumanphoto-082620x30 Do you want large photos for your walls?
Do you want to share your photos on Facebook.
Do you want a custom Facebook timeline banner?
Facebook Banner Retz
Do you want a disk with all of your images and the rights to reproduce these images?
Abbey Engagement  Do you need an Engagement Portrait?
Do you need a Bridal Portrait?  
How long do you need the photographer at your wedding? 

What about video? DVD or Blu Ray?

We can help you answer all of these questions and more at Auman Photo Studio

We offer a collection of Wedding Photography Packages to fit every budget

See Our Wedding Photography Pricelist

With over 50 years of experience in weddings we have seen most everything,

some things work out beautifully; some things don't. 

We will tell you about our experiences to help you make the decisions. 

(Yes, the glitter bronzer is beautiful, but in pictures the glitter will show up a white specks all over you

and the retouching can get expensive.) 

Each wedding is different and each bride has her own special ideas of what her special day will include.  

We love to hear about your ideas and we can offer suggestions on how we can help to capture those memories.

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

 We all love surprises, but please be sure to clue us in on any surprises planned for your guests or for each other.  We will help keep the surprise a secret.

At one wedding a surprise celebrity arrived to sing a song, he had made famous and we almost missed it because he snuck in from a rear entrance, and the groom hadn't told us.


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All Of these Questions and More can be Answered Here: How Long Do I Need My Wedding Photographer?