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How long do you need the photographer at your wedding?
The length of time that you need the photographer depends on many things
The first being how we shoot the formal wedding pictures
There are 3 ways to do this:
1.  Do everything before the ceremony


All wedding Photography is done when your make-up is it's freshest.    
You are first to arrive at the reception and can greet your guests as they arrive. 

You have to see each other before the wedding.

Everyone you want in the pictures has to arrive early.

2.  Do everything after the ceremony
We won't have to wait on any late arrivals.
This will take you the longest to get to your reception.
3.  Do a split.  Shoot part before and part after
This is the most  popular way to do everything.
We start with the Bride. (This way, if we run late, you are under wraps and you will not be seen.)  We shoot the Bride, the bride and her attendants, the bride and her parents, the bride and mom, the bride and dad, the bride and siblings, anything we can shoot with just the bride.  Then we send the bride into hiding.  Once you are out of the way, we bring in the groom and do the same with him.
After the wedding we shoot the combined wedding party, the combined parents and family shots.
You don't see each other before the ceremony.
You get to the reception sooner
You have to be ready earlier
Another Important Factor is the Size of your Wedding Party
How many attendants are you planning?

Some brides have only 1, most brides plan 3 or 4, but some brides plan 6 to 10.

Do you want photos of you and each girl and your groom and each guy?

Or do you only want you and your group of girls and your groom and his group of guys?

How many children will be in the wedding?
   Children in a wedding are always cute, but sometimes uncooperative, so we have to add a little extra time for them.
How many parents do you both have?

Sometimes we have only a parent or 2 each, sometimes we have 4 each.  
    Do you want your "natural parents" together for a picture?
    Will they be cooperative for this photo?  Sometimes they don't want to be photographed together. 

We will try to get this picture if you want it (you can always blame us, say that we forced you to get this photo.)
    Along with the "Natural Parent" pictures we will also shoot each couple with you.

How much additional family will both of you have?

We know you want a picture with you parents and siblings, maybe with you grandparents,

but what about siblings spouse and children?

What about your aunts, uncles, and cousins?

We suggest that you make index cards, think of each one as a picture.
List the names of everyone you want in the picture.  This serves 2 purposes.
 1. You have time to figure out who you really want pictures with, and you won't forget Grandma!
 2.  You have a list of people you tell in advance to stick around for the pictures, because if you want Uncle Joe for a picture and he has gone out to the car, it takes extra time for someone to go get him, while we all wait.


You can make an additional group of cards for shots you want to make sure we get at the reception, like the gang from school, or co-workers, or our group of special friends, the softball team, the neighbors, anything you want.

 Our Wedding Photo Checklist will give you an idea of the Typical Shots we strive to get for you!