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Mike & Kathy Graham, owners of Auman Photo Studio, have been "Capturing Your Memories" in Central Florida for over 49 years.

Along with our team of Photographers and Videographers, Angie Klusek, Wendy Clark, Mark King and Jason Klusek, we bring to you over a Century of Central Florida Photographic Experience.
At Auman Photo Studio, we don't just shoot pictures, we capture Your Lifetime Memories!
We would consider it a great privilege to photograph your memories and be part of YOUR Special Day!

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Guestbook for Auman Photo
Great style of taking pictures Anumam! I do really enjoy this fotoblog, pictures always great
Amin Razvi(non-registered)
Wow I never saw something like this ! Great photos
The wedding photography is amazing..
Love this wedding photos
Nick Bauer & The 1931 Auburn Once Owned by Mae West(non-registered)
Great gob on staging and composition ! The entire event was made better by your excellent work with People and the Horse ! 8-))) It was great working with you.