From photo restorations to digitizing your old photos to converting your old home movies. 

Auman Photo Studio can meet all of your needs.

Do you have an old photo that needs restored?

Over the years a lot can happen to a picture, whether it fades, yellows, becomes torn,

or gets damaged by water or other materials.

Before07 before After07 after
Old Photos sometimes speckle and have mildew spots. We can restore them to their original glory!
BeforeFleming Before Fleming After
How many times have you reached into a box and found a favorite photo to find that it has been bent in half? Let Auman Photo Studio remove all of those cracks and improve the contrast.
Before Photo Restoration - Post Card Photo with very little detail01-Gonzalez Before Sometimes there are those very special people that there is only one photo in existance of a family member... After Photo Restoration01-Gonzalez After

Auman Photo can restore your photo and make multiple copies for the whole family.

BeforeAnderson Before AfterAnderson after
Some of your photos may turn red and lose their colors over time

With Our restoration services we can make them  Brand New!

Before Restoration - Photo Stuck to FrameHarvey 002 Before After Photo RestorationHarvey 002 After
Ever had a photo stick to the glass in your frame? With Auman Photo your photos can be cleaned and restored!
Before Photo RestorationAnderson 2 Before After Photo RestorationAnderson 2 After
Ink Jet Photos often fade and change color Texture can be kept with a restoration
Before Photo Restoration - Broken Glass Cut PhotoHarvey 001 Before After Photo RestorationHarvey 001 After
OOPS the glass broke in my frame and the photo is cut!! We can restore and reprint your Photos!!
Do you have a box of old photos, slides or home movies you would like digitized?
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